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Bringing ideas and passions into the spotlight.
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Wave of content creation and social media engagement...
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“Hot Points!” is a phrase that can commonly be heard on busy film sets. The purpose is to alert crew members to be aware of a piece of equipment being carried through the set...And, in a manner of speaking, this is what we want to do for your business; we want to bring awareness to your brand and make your presence known to others.
We are a new media production company serving Calhoun County and surrounding.
With advancements in video technology lowering our cost of production we can create spectacular content for you at an affordable price. We know that you need effective videos without the Hollywood pricetag. Get in touch with us for a free consultation and find out how we can help you achieve your business goals.

Hot Points Media is paving a new path in video production as entreprenuer, TJ Campbell, works to capture your message in the best of ways. You need content to entertain and capture the attention of an audience, and that's what we want to provide.

This business is just getting started, so tune in and watch to see what types of ideas and passions come soaring around the corner and land on the screens of the target audience you want to reach.

TJ Campbell is a video creator that has been making content for 15+ years. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Film/Video from the prestigious UW-Milwaukee. With a passion for video production so abundant it comes spilling out in moving pixels, he's guaranteed to keep making videos that attract attention.

Video & Photography

Video production is what we do. The benefits of investing in our production services is that your brand appears on screen. Video is a key tool for gaining exposure these days. You can have awesome video content that shares your story or message, and by posting to social media, uploading to your website, and playing at events these creations will reach customers all across the digital and social landscape.

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