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Hot Points Media will eventually have several sections of content, including: eCourses, Live Streams, Abstract Video Art, VlogsTutorials & Tips, Interviews With Artists, and more.

For now, here's some content to get your creative juices flowing!

During this lighting tutorial, TJ Campbell shows his process for lighting a self portrait in a stylized way. He explains the where and why for the placement of the lighting equipment.

Join us as a member and you'll be seeing more lighting tutorial videos in the future.

In this interview with musician, Michael Baggett, we hear the story of an artist and his journey on the creative path. The ups, the downs, and a few gems of wisdom found along the way.

Join us as a member and you'll be seeing more artist interview videos in the future.

An experimental short film about the rise of conscious thought and feeling in humans. The connection of spirituality to creativity is evident. What doorways has creativity opened for you?


Take a look at the Abstract Video Art page for more examples like this.

Community is IMPORTANT. Take some notes from the Photography Club in Jacksonville, AL. Just as they have created a group to gather and talk about photography, we can gather here.


Join us as a member and you'll be joining a community of creators. Stay tuned for more...

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