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Art From Moving Images

Sometimes we create things without needing a reason other than to create or to practice our craft. Sometimes an idea invokes creative action, and that action produces creative works. Here is a variety of video artwork and some written insight into the process or inspiration that prompted the pieces.


The Process: Film several still or slower moving shots of a glass full of water with each color of the rainbow. Film POV of carrying the glass. Film the process of getting a glass, filling it with water, and drinking. Edit for tension.

The Theory: The idea of a "container" that we use to consume from. The complicated fluidity of water as a "still" substance or a lively swarm of H2O molecules constantly moving. The need to quench a "creative thirst". When surroundings are frantic, there can be an inner sense of stillness and satisfaction.


The Process: In TJ's Senior Project class in film school a turn of events left him a semester behind, scrambling (pun intended) to come up with an idea for his project he decided to pick a camera movement and an action to repeat throughout the film. This is the result.

The Theory: "Every shot is a 'pan' full of broken eggs". Obsession and compulsion. Addiction. A mind preoccupied throughout the day by a single idea. Every action or behavior is absurd, we just decided that some contexts make the action more "normal" than others.

Pin Pals

The Process: In a 24hr film festival, TJ partnered up with Katelyn Shulfer to create a short film with a few given prompts. A fun adventure that also lightly reminds us that the "end" could be awaiting around any corner.

The Theory: Friendship, connection, shared experiences, emotional attachments, Love. The brevity of life. Love those around you as if the world were to disappear tomorrow.


The Process: A stupid prank call joke turned into a short film. Scripted for fun, but the philosophical implications are tremendous.

The Theory: How can misunderstanding lead to painful situations? Why does focusing on differences in gender, race, or creed end up creating victims of ignorance and crimes against human connectedness? What role does money have to play in the past mistakes of mankind?

Untitled (2016-07-17)

The Process: An impromptu project brought together four creatives. They met at a coffee shop, collaborated on an idea for a short film, planned the shoot, and filmed the footage all in one day. 

The Theory: How does the mind handle the death of a loved one? How do cherished memories impact the stages of grief and how people process (or don't process) acceptance.

Unleash The Potential

The Process: What does a loser-wanna-be-filmmaker do to find an outlet for creativity? He makes a "kung fu" style film for no reason.

The Theory: Is creative potential something that everyone has? What separates those that are successful with their creative ventures? How important is the quality of the tools and instruments of our creativity vs the way that we use them?

The Secretary

The Process: Write a short story. Find inanimate objects that can take the place of characters. Decorate the "set" to show the interrelatedness of the different characters.

The Theory: Sometimes the end of something good can mean the beginning of something greater. Life has a mysterious way of keeping us all in our "right places" at the "right times". We can move within the reach of our armspan and the direction of our steps, but we are bound by the space and time we were born into.

Time Machine Tech

The Process: Using editing to create a time-loop in which the story revolves around itself.

The Theory: If a "time machine" were to ever exist, then it has always "existed". In order to make a time machine, you have to break your conception of time. Time travel is tricky with storytelling, because stories generally follow a timeline of events. But is this true for our identities as well? Is "myself" me because of the order of events I've gone through in life. What would changing the order of events do to my identity?

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